Coffee update!

Posted by Matt Gibson on

hello! We have heard your concerns of shipping costs. We are going to attempt to sell half pound packages and see if that helps with the cost of shipping and overall price. 

Right now Im focused on designing mugs! Take a look on our site to see if theres anything that tickles your fancy. 

I am waiting for a credit card payment to go through and then I will be processing everyones orders and sending the coffee off as soon as its roasted. Ill update you when the order is placed and then it should be a few days till its delivered to me! 

Im also working on producing more episodes of the podcast! I'd love to hear some suggestions for episodes if you've got a favourite thing to talk about. 

Hit me up on social media. 

We got a youtube channel now too

Check it out, tap the sub button lightly and ill talk to you all soon! 
- Matt
leader guy

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